Let's blow this popsicle stand!

My Twitter-friend @sarahfortune posted a bunch of pictures from her weekend girl's trip and I have got the bug!!! (BTW, are these not the cutest girls you've ever seen in your whole life!? I mean really!?!?! And Eureka Springs is fantastic-such a fun and unique little town.)

I see pictures of friend's amazing girls getaways to far away places and I think "sigh... that looks so nice" but as a single mama and a freelancer (who frankly, at the moment, is pretty "buh" about all things work-related because of a severe lack of funds) I just can't dream that big!

I saw Sarah's pictures from her close-to-home weekend away and I immediately started dreaming up some time away.

My girls and I used to take trips... never all together, but once a month we made a point to get out of town for a while, even if it was only to go sleep in a different place and explore some other town for a weekend.

Usually I could even work it out to where I could meet with clients and call it a "business trip" so i didn't feel quite as guilty leaving the bean and spending money on myself.

The last trip we took was to Eureka Springs in August for Jacey & I's birthday, and it was such a good time!!

At a club in Tulsa - Winter 2008

Ashley & I - Little Rock, 2009

Downtown Little Rock - Spring 2009

Driving to Memphis - October 2008

Nachos, 3:45am - Little Rock, January 2009

Nachos, 3:45am - Little Rock, January 2009

Meeting Elvis - Little Rock, Spring 2009

Jamey and I - Little Rock, January 2009

With Chris & Zach - Little Rock, October 2008

At the Miss Gay Arkansas Pageant - Little Rock, Spring 2009

Marti Pearl and I with the 'sisters' in Eureka Springs - August 2009

So what do you say, girls? Let's skeedaddle for a couple of days!!