The Duggars, my crazy neighbors, pregnant with number 18!

Have you ever overheard someone talking about someone you know, and suddenly felt sneaky for listening, but wanting to make sure they've got it all right? You know, the chick talking to her friend in the Target checkout line, mentioning a girl you went to high school with... you immediately tune in, its instinctual I think.

That's how I feel when people talk about the Duggars.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we're BFF, but I live in the same area as the Duggar family. I pass by their house weekly and see their numerous children playing in the yard, we run into them around town from time to time, and before all of the Discovery channel specials, the talk shows, they were just local people that got a lot of attention... and rightfully so, they have a ridiculous amount of children!

I remember seeing them out as a family for the first time when I was in high school. I was immediately put off. I was, at that young age, so certain I wouldn't EVER have children... good lord- they're messy and demanding, and they sure do take a lot of work... not for me. The thought of having tons of children seemed crazy. Plum nuts. So for a lot of years I thought of the Duggars as crazy people. Not just slightly insane, but totally and completely off of their rockers. Really, I still think they're nuts, but not for the same reason.

I think anyone with kids, or a kid, or hell, some of you with very demanding dogs, will agree that when you give so much of yourself to one person that you're bound to go a little nuts... I know I have. I've spent the last 14 months trying to figure out where most of my sanity went, and you know, I still don't think I have a full grasp on it yet, but I'm sorting it out. I think that after 17 kids, there's bound to be part of your brain that has just totally shortened out... the part linked to reproduction, perhaps? I mean, not that I'm saying they're nuts for continuing to have kids, but maybe she's crazy in the sense that this woman, after birthing 17 children, after caring for them all day, still wants to have sex with her husband!? She's got. to be. insane... either that or her sex drive is something for the record books. Either way, I don't think its a bad thing.

Again, I'm not knocking the Duggars, I don't want anyone to think I am... I think in some way they've got to know they're a little crazy. There have got to be days where they have that fleeting thought of "why did we ever think this was a good idea?" while in their minds they're sipping something with an umbrella on a nice little beach instead of folding 2 metric tons of laundry and homeschooling a gaggle of little ones... you can't tell me there aren't! I get it that they're so thankful for their children, and I totally understand, I'm just as thankful for Bean-girl, but there are times when I want to run. completely. away. You've got to know that Michelle Duggar feels that inside sometimes, and I sincerely hope she's able to... you know?

So this morning when I found out she announced that yes, Duggar baby #18 is on the way! I decided to tell you guys the truth about the Duggar family from someone who has really seen them... not just Discovery channel seen them, like grocery store seen them. I want everyone to know that I think these people are nuts, but they're happy nuts! They're good people. They really are... they're raising their kids in a way that makes them happy, and their kids seem happy enough with it too... plus, they're getting a little taste of stardom, which is cool for them I'm sure. Again, I know I keep going back to this, but she's still jumping on Jimbo- and pretty frequently, I'd assume!

I've been married long enough to know that sex isn't what it used to be... I mean, quality has improved in a big way throughout these years, but quantity... eh. I just get wrapped into so many things that the last thing on my mind as I climb in to bed at night is getting frisky. Maybe that's wrong, I don't know, but I just don't go as wild for it as I used to! There's something about having a 20lb toddler on your hip all day that makes sex feel miles and miles away. Multiply that by 16, and make them old enough to have actual issues past "I pooped myself" and good lord... I just don't know how she does it! I admire Michelle Duggar for still getting in the mood! I really do.

I know it'd probably get more attention if I was like "OMG the Duggars are AWFUL they're scarring their kids for life!" but really, I can't say it... She really looks happy. She's not parading around for the cameras putting on some front... she really looks that happy all the time. Truly, I think she is happy, and that's awesome. I can't knock a woman for being excited about being a mom. I honestly believe that if you're crazy in a way that makes you super happy, a great mom, and you're still getting laid, then dude, keep that crazy flowing!

I will say though, Michelle... you and I need to be making a hair appointment. Seriously, I promise I'll make sure they don't do anything crazy to you, and I'll be great moral support... hey, I'll even watch a kid or 12 for you, but let's bring you up to speed. 1987 was great, really, but let it go. Ol Jimbo might even really like the change of pace... and it'd be a nice pregnant pick-me-up... a new look would do you some good! Plus, you can get a cute little cut and donate all of that hair to Locks of Love! Seriously, girl- call me.