Its really not my mom's Jazzercise... though she likes it too.

I've always had this idea in my head of what Jazzercise must be like... I imagine women my mom's age and older bouncing around in front of a wall-sized mirror to upbeat 80's music wearing leotards and leg warmers... I know I'm not the only one.

There's been a Jazzercise center in Fayetteville for as long as I can remember. Its on the main drag in a tiny little shopping center. It just so happens that I go by it often, since its close to my mom's house. I was amused a couple of weeks ago that the sign out front said "this isn't your mom's Jazzercise". A week later my mom told me she'd gotten a pamphlet in the mail and that she was thinking about trying it out. I told her she should. When she asked if I wanted to go with her I didn't know what to say... on one hand it seemed like a good way to get me motivated to exercise, but it all seemed so... dorky. I also really figured it must be expensive, or at least, more than I'd want to pay to bounce around to 80's music with a room full of middle-aged sweaty gals.

She was determined to check it out, so the next time we talked she asked again, and this time threw in that she found out they have free childcare and that the first class is totally free. I really had no way out at that point, so I went.

From first glance around the room, I was utterly shocked. It seemed as though my original fears were unfounded... there was a huge range of ages and ethnicities and there were no leotards in sight! Plus, the dreaded mirror didn't exist! I was extremely relieved that I didn't have to watch myself shimmy and wobble for an entire hour. Its just a big open room with a stage at the front. The instructor does her thing on the stage, and you have the rest of the room to do yours. There's mats, exercise balls, and weights all there for the taking. The childcare room is full of toys and kids, and I was actually very impressed. Its clean and the kids have loads of stuff to play with.

My first class was awkward to say the least. I tripped over my own feet, bungled the moves like nobody's business, and felt as though my heart would absolutely explode by the time I left... but I really actually enjoyed it! In fact, my only concern at that point was the cost. Young parents, especially those that are small business owners, such as myself, don't have money floating around like maybe we'd like... in fact, most of the time we're budgeted pretty tight. I was very nervous about signing up to do something that wasn't just absolutely necessary. I was very glad to hear there's no contract and that the monthly fee was lower than anywhere else in town that offered aerobics classes. In fact, my initial fee of $50 and $40/month was discounted by $20 because of a handy coupon, so I was sold.

I've gone to 2 classes this week. Though I'm feeling a bit sore today, I'm so excited about this! Not only am I finally going to focus on getting in shape, I'm not paying an arm and a leg for it. Not to mention that I can't help but think that getting out of my comfort zone and dancing for an hour a day can't hurt anything at all... right? Right. Here's to looking good naked...

Terra Tots

This weekend the family hit up a new natural parenting store here in Fayetteville. Our friends Olivia and her (8 month old) Calliope were in from out of town and we were anxious to check it out! I was very impressed with the shop, a very clean, inviting space... good place for Bean to run around and check things out, complete with toy shelves low enough for little hands, and some neat little wood play tables. They even had a baby cushion (which husband-pants swore was a dog bed) that I've just got to get for the house. Bean bounced around on it for quite a while.

Husband-pants was wowed by the awesome selection of organic cotton (Speeses) onesies with stellar designs (that were 40% off!) while Liv and I checked out the Moby Wraps, since we have matching ones and love them dearly... as I was contemplating grabbing a Moby-D I remembered that now that she can walk, the little one resists wrapping in a pretty serious way, so we decided against it.

I was able to check out some cloth diapers, which is good since we're still planning on moving more to cloth in the coming months. They had an example of all of the diapers they sell, plus little info sheets explaining what kind of diapers they were, so that you could examine them right. I was glad! I'll be the first one to admit I don't know nearly as much as I'd like to about cloth diapering, so it was nice to be able to explore like that. Husband-pants seemed to dig them, so maybe it won't be too hard to convince him to check them out at some point!!!

We even got to hear some lovely live tunes as we shopped, which of course set Bean-girl to dancing... really, she's a sucker for an acoustic guitar.

I found a cool local video showcasing the store and their organic cotton clothing... this shows their awesome diaper display, the wooden toy play sets, Moby wraps, as well as the shop and the owner, Bernice, who was super friendly when we stopped in.

Overall we were definitely impressed. Its not only nice to see a natural parenting store in the area, its excellent that their prices weren't outrageous and that they are selling really good quality stuff, while providing a kid-friendly environment. We (unfortunately) got out without buying anything this time but we'll definitely be going back soon... if you're in the area, you should check it out.

Terra Tots

21 W Mountain, Suite 227, Fayetteville AR

100 pounds ago...

November 2005

February 2008

I will say I miss my hair... a lot. But that's about all.


Happy Birthday, Bean... your first year has been a great one!