Kelly Clarkson is a fox!

I love Kelly Clarkson.

Call it a guilty pleasure if you want, but that girl can sing.

I've never watched an episode of American Idol (yes, I know, there's got to be something simply un-American about that) but I've listened to her over the years and I've liked her more every time I've heard her.

Tonight I was sitting on the couch watching some SNL when I was surprised by how beautiful Kelly looked! She's a total frigging fox! Her hips look downright powerful, curvy and sensual in that form-fitting dress.

Shortly after pregnancy rumors started to fly, she shows up looking sassy and sexy... and sings her freaking heart out! There's most definitely something to be said for a girl who carries herself with such determination and beauty in today's weight obsessed society.

Keep on keepin on, Kelly, you're hot stuff.

Scented memories of baby days...

This morning while sitting in my favorite coffee shop working I recognized a familiar smell. There are so many times this happens, though not often that I immediately realize exactly what it is that I'm smelling, or remembering...

This morning it was diaper cream. Burt's Bees makes some pretty delicious smelling tushy-balm and I've used it from day one on Bean girl's bottom. Two years of product loyalty is really saying something, especially for a super fickle consumer such as myself. The smell brings me back to days that seem so far away, learning how to function on even less sleep than I got in college, mastering one-handed typing with a tiny person attached to my breast, wishing for a Wal-Mart trip just to interact with people who could actually speak... two years seems so long ago.

These days its all Yo Gabba Gabba and potty training, kitty cat chasing, iy-wuv-yoooouuu's and PB&J sandwiches. Don't get me wrong, I love the stage we're in! She's energetic and full of life, discovering her sense of humor and exploring her world... its beautiful. There are days that I miss that tiny life, though, when things were so new and fragile... I think all moms do. I realized the smell of diaper cream I picked up actually came from me, as my baby's not entirely grown yet. A tiny smear on my pants and I'm immediately thinking about those days...

Looking at pictures of Gwen Stefani with little Zuma reminds me of days I remember fondly, past the point of Swaddlers and nonstop boob nomz but not quite to crawling through the house to terrorize the puppies... a beautiful window of baby-scented everything and chubby little smiles. Ahh... Love it.

Tell me... what's your favorite smell? What memory does it invoke for you?

my current favorite videos...

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