I support Greg Leding

The first time I met my friend Greg Leding we got our asses handed to us at Taboo. We weren't aware that we were playing against 2 English professors, but they absolutely beat the pants off of us at a game we were pretty confident we'd win. You see, we're pretty smart cookies... we met last year when he showed some very nice Twitter-sympathy when I backed over the gas meter with my car and nearly blew up the entire neighborhood at 6am. After that, we played some Taboo, spent a lot of time laughing, and hung out pretty regularly until last spring.

That's when Greg decided to run for State Representative. I remember the morning he told me, I didn't have a clue what to say. I mean, I was impressed... it seemed like such a natural move for him. Intellectual, political, driven... it was a good fit. Since then, he's been campaigning hard... stickers, yard signs, canvassing neighborhoods... doing the politician thing. Its been amazing to watch, and inspiring to say the least.

I can't tell you about Greg's platforms, I mean... I could, but I won't. What matters to me is the stuff that's not already been covered by campaign. I can tell you that Greg is an amazing person... he really is. He's been an incredibly supportive friend and a great example. He's inspired me think of things in a different way, to recognize needs in my community I'd previously not seen.

Greg was always going, even before the campaign... community events were his thing. Every night of the week he had something going on, and I am just so not that type of person. It takes quite a bit for me to want to get out after working all week, especially to sit and talk politics or environmental sustainability. I am interested, I am concerned, but I am minimally-involved. I recognized that about myself, but after meeting Greg I really started examining it. I hated that there were things that I could be doing to help my community, to improve it... hell, to improve myself... and I just... wasn't. That's when I started working on Take Your Kids to Dickson. I formed a group that focused on improving the overall perception of my community's arts & entertainment district.

Greg inspired something in me that I think was always under the surface, a desire to help the people around me and be more than just aware... to be truly involved. Greg inspired it because that's what he is, that's what he does. He is actually concerned and invested in what he commits himself to. I saw myself in a different light... I realized there were ways in which I should be dedicating my talents and efforts, and all because his influence. Just by knowing him my outlook was completely transformed. I am positive that he will always be one of my most successful and accomplished friends because of his commitment, ambition, and heart. He will always inspire those around him, he will always encourage change and growth. The boy's got soul.

The election is less than 48 hours away now. This has been a long time coming, and I know he is just down right exhausted from all of the work he's put into this campaign. Greg said earlier today "most anyone who's taken a look at the District 92 race has made up his or her mind. We just need to get the people who support us to go vote" and he's right. If you know the issues, if you've made a decision, then fantastic. If not, then stop reading right this second and go do it. Who is your voice? Go do the research and figure out who is leading your community. Go be more than an observer. If you haven't voted early, I ask that you please go vote this week. Take the time... make the effort. Don't do it because you care about voting... do it because you care about your community, your state, your influence on your world. Do it because our kids deserve to see that progress is possible.

Greg, I am truly so proud of you and I am just so thrilled to watch where you go from here. I'll be sure to wear my dancing shoes Tuesday night for your celebration party Tuesday night.


May 20, 2010 at 10:15 PM Anonymous said...

Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion..............................................