Birthday Surprise Party!

My 24th year has come and gone.

I've somehow surrounded myself with Leos, including one of my very best friends, Jacey. When she asked if I wanted to take a day trip to Eureka Springs for our birthdays, I immediately made arrangements for a babysitter. I knew I was in for an excellent trip when all of the planning revolved around food.

Unfortunately, Marshall hurt his back the day before so I was on ex-husband-nurse-duty and unsure of whether or not I'd be able to go as planned. Luckily for everyone, my ex and I are on great terms... we spend time together often and we have a great friendship as well as a fantastic parenting relationship. With some good pain meds and a little tough love, he was up walking by bedtime, and when he woke up feeling alright the next morning I decided to go on my trip as planned, just with a toddler companion!

Marti Pearl and I took a fabulous trip to Eureka Springs with Jacey, her sisters, and her friend Ashley. Marti Pearl took quite a liking to "the sisters" as she called everyone, and had a blast exploring the cute little shops. We even got a photo made, which for MP was just an epic game of dress up. What toddler doesn't love crazy dresses, feather boas, and high heels!?

A blurry yet fabulous picture of the saloon girls

For my actual birthday I had plans to eat dinner with my whole family. The boyfriend picked me up beforehand saying he had a surprise for me, and as I was asking him where we were going he quickly turned into our friend's neighborhood... I had no idea what was going on, and was thrilled to walk in and find so many of my friends. Jessica & Anna had planned me a fantastic 25th birthday surprise party!! They invited a bunch of my friends, decorated Anna's house beautifully, got me a wonderful cake, and loads of champagne! It was hands down the best birthday surprise ever.

They'd invited my friends from Twitter! Soon my dad & sister showed up, then Marshall, his sister, and Marti Pearl... who was thrilled that mommy was having a "princess party"

From there, we had family dinner & drinks with friends... a wonderful night overall. My 25th birthday was the best yet, I've got high hopes for this year...


August 11, 2009 at 11:46 AM Freeman Hunt said...

Wow! That is great! Congratulations on your hard earned success.