O hai!

Take Your Kids to Dickson
was a huge success. An event that went together in about 4 weeks as a response to some negative publicity turned into one of the most fun things I've ever done. A solid month of 80+ hour weeks and neglecting my (money-making) business proved to be well worth all of our hard work. In the process, I got much closer with one of my good friends, made some new ones, and met lots of people I really enjoy being around. We're already starting planning of our next event, and plan to do lots more of that in the near future. Personally and professionally, this was a huge achievement. I'm thrilled with all of it!

I give advice now! I know, everyone's shocked- right!? Some good friends came to me when they started their online magazine and asked if I'd contribute... I was thrilled to jump in, and have had lots of fun with it so far.
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In other work-related news, have you seen all the new stuff I've been doing?
Bella Vita Jewelry
Damn Bullets
and I'll be finishing up a couple more sites this week... Needless to say, work is fantastic.

Marti Pearl and her dad went to Kansas City to visit his dad & half-sisters this weekend... it was a wonderful trip for them, and a great mama-break for me. Marti Pearl got to meet her aunts & grandpa for the first time, and had lots of fun with her cousins. I danced barefoot with my mama to one of my favorite bands, had margaritas at lunchtime with one of my best friends, and feng shui-ed my apartment. I feel well-rested and officially recovered from TYK2D.

Lots I've missed out on recently, I'll start catching up quick! Promise!


June 22, 2009 at 12:30 PM Melissa said...

Your site is looking so fancy! Very nice... I am glad you got a chance to recover from Take Your Kids to Dickson (which was awesome!)...