Painting again.

I've neglected my blog completely over the past month... between an enormous project at work and Christmas, life has been incredibly hectic but I've got an even better excuse...

I started painting again.

I've done this a few times since the bean was born, but it never seems to stick. Life just gets in the way every time, and I end up painting a picture or two then no more. I get so damn distracted, and I never find the time to dedicate to it.

This time just feels different. I've fought the urge all night to start another piece. I want so much to paint, just to feel the rush of seeing something take shape. I did 3 pieces for Christmas presents, and I am so very pleased with all of them. They're all presents, and I haven't given any of them to the proper recipients yet so I can't post any pictures, but soon... I promise.

In the meantime, here are my old pieces: artXcore
and here's the first of the new series I'm working on: Robots!