Mini-Vacation, February

On Friday I drove down to Little Rock for a weekend full of friends & work

One of those being my dear friend Jessica, who I love so very much... she offered me lots of laughs and a place to stay.

I got to spend time with Jamey, who is one of my very favorite people ever.

I got to sleep in for the first time in recent memory on Saturday morning. It was beautiful.

Then I met up with my good friend Cale for some (ah-mazing) Chinese food @ New Fun Ree

I got all fancied up and put on a full-length formal dress I haven't worn since I was 19 years old

Cale took me to one of the most amazing events I've ever witnessed, an Indian engagement party. It was quite an experience, one I'll never forget.

We all went dancing following the party

Lauren had a blast! It was a total surprise- no one had any idea that she liked to dance!

We totally ate Jamaican jerk pork nachos at 4am from a bodega outside of the dance club, and it was delicious.
In my entire life I've really eaten pork maybe 4 times... one of them being Saturday night. It was beautiful.

Proof's in the pu...nachos, my friends.

When I got home with Marti Pearl's big bag of stuff from Aunt Jessica she was THRILLED. We spent the evening playing with sidewalk chalk and reading about kittens.

The trip was so much fun, but I couldn't stand to stay away from this face for long.

The best part is, I'm doing it all again tomorrow! My best friend and I will be heading down for a day/night of fun and most likely some more of those amazing pulled pork nachos. YUM. I'm looking forward to it, its been a heckuva week. <3


February 28, 2009 at 8:38 PM Maire said...

Just discovered your blog, love it! Happy you had a great weekend. Take Care, Maire

March 1, 2009 at 2:07 PM Anonymous said...

Those nachos look very t-t-tasty!

Oh- and I'm totaly digging your scarf and glasses in the first pic. Hottness!