Toys R Us = Hell

Man, tonight SUUUUUUCKED. Bad.

Suckage: Went to Toys'R'Us (how many apostrophes are in that? who really facking cares?) which, by the way, if you didn't know, is the equivalent of about the 9th layer of hell the week before Christmas. Went with three main purposes: a) stroller, since ours has died. b) sippy cup, since that too, died. c) Christmas present for Marti Pearl, since we're slackers.

a) No sippy cups in sight. Actually, lots of sippy cups, just not the ones I was looking for... which was why we made the special trip to TRU (apostrophe issue solved!) in the first place. *sigh*
b) Couldn't get to the presents I wanted for Bean because of 15,000 crazy people.
c) Found the stroller we wanted, for $30, put Bean in it to see if she liked it (she HATES all strollers and was already fussy) and alas! she loved it! (what what!?) so we immediately looked around and unfortunately didn't see any. We also didn't find any of the little "take this tag to the register if you want to buy this" tags, so I just took the price clip thing off and sent husband-pants to ask if we could buy the display. We found a stroller that Bean likes... I don't have any time to mess around!

Well husband-pants comes back and tells me that they do have the strollers in stock, but that they didn't get their truck unloaded properly that morning so they couldn't get to them. *sigh* but that they'd hold one for us if we'd come back tomorrow. This wouldn't be so bad, except man! We live 45 minutes away! And we'd already braved that hell for one night, why another!? *sigh* Oh, and he forgot to ask if they would sell us the display. *sigh again*

Anyhow, we'll have to go back, I suppose. I looked through the strollers at Target and couldn't find another I liked as much as that one, so I'll make ANOTHER special trip tomorrow. I'm not thrilled about this.


December 21, 2007 at 5:56 AM Scott said...

yikes, i hate shopping this time of year..but i love the new blog! good stuff.